exploring Wellington

The Performance Arcade

performance arcade 1The Performance Arcade is a free, annual event on Wellington’s Waterfront and part of the 2014 New Zealand Festival. Between February 26th and March 3rd, the Arcade brings together a selection of visual art installations and live music performances by New Zealand and international artists rom Australia, Canada and the USA. Based on the idea of the city as a ‘work site’, an arrangement of shipping containers and scaffold structures provides a temporary performance space offering alternate ways of presenting art and negotiating new relationships with the audience. The ‘container stage’ is host to various live music performances including the Glass VaultsGrayson GilmourAgitator, The Troubles, WekaWest Coast BulliesBlack City LightsNikita Tu-Bryant and Myele Manzanza.

Last Sunday I went to see Nikita and Myele’s afternoon performance at the container stage. After my weekly fruit and veggie shopping at the markets, I got a coffee, relaxed in the sun and enjoyed the music. It was a fabulous summer day in Wellington and I was once more thrilled by the city’s diverse range of music and cultural activities. I’m excited to see many more live music events and art installations in the next couple of days. The official opening of the Performance Arcade 2014 is actually today!

Myele&Nikitamyele&Nikika-2performance arcade-2

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