exploring Wellington

Let the festival season begin!

Newtown RocksteadyWhat an unexpected warm, beautiful, sunny Sunday in Wellington – the perfect day to celebrate Baobab’s 5th birthday with some great local bands performing in the café’s garden area. By the time I arrived, which was probably around 2pm, bands were already on stage and lots of people were sitting in the backyard, mingling, enjoying some food, drinks, music and the sun. It was surprising to me how many young families were around with their kids, some of them wearing massive ear muffs to protect their little ears. The dance floor seemed like a playground for young and old, everyone enjoying themselves and creating a friendly, open and relaxed atmosphere.

During the day there were some great local bands lined up including The Daz, Gabe, Barney & Jer Band,  Roy G & the BIVinators, Rio Hemopo and the Soul Survivors, Newtown Rocksteady and The Digg. Later in the afternoon, it got even busier and people finally started dancing – some of them with kids sitting on their shoulders. When Newtwon Rocksteady passed around the microphone it almost felt like a kind of ‘open-mic-/poetry-slam’ where anyone could contribute or join the band. Several women took the mic, rapping about Newtown, their community and their life. People were encouraging and supportive and it just seemed like a big, happy Newtown-family.

Here are some tunes of yesterday’s successful mini-festival:



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