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Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

CopenhagenSongwritersFestival-800x450August 15th is the first day of the annual Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, which hosts over 150 local as well as international songwriters from all over the world. The three day festival offers live music on three stages, daily workshops, an open stage and a late night jam session.
Brett Perkins, an American/Danish resident and organiser of the event states that the goal of the festival is to provide an inclusive, annual multicultural entertainment and educational event. He wants to to help raise awareness of the songwriting scene in Denmark, careers of Danish and international artists and international profile of Copenhagen as a city and the undisputed European center for live songwriter showcasing. See more at: http://csf.dk/about/#sthash.5LloTy0u.dpuf
One performance I am particularly sad to miss out on is 19-year old singer-songwriter Emma Sehested Høeg whom I met and talked to during my last stay in Copenhagen. Emma is not only an amazingly talented musician but a lovely, sparkly person and fun to talk to.  Emma plays on the Opening Night Set at Formsamlingshus on August 15th.

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

  1. I heard this great upcoming singer Katie is getting popular in underground Wellington. Hope to see some footage of her on this page some time soon 🙂

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